Ines LeBow has over 25 years of hands-on experience helping startups secure funding to launch, grow and successfully exit. She consults with next stage companies to scale-up operations.

A catalyst for growth, Ines has been recruited by multiple companies to transform operations and sales. She has a proven track record for guiding established companies to reach the next level of profitability. She is known as a turnaround expert transforming operations from bankruptcy to successful exits. Ines has shepherded 11 M&A deals and IPO due diligence. Our success stems from working with investors so we know what they’re looking for in terms of ROI.

Coaching and mentoring to drive bottom-line results:
– Opening doors to funding
– Scaling up operations for growth
– Turning around companies for exit

Are you looking to secure funding? Increase revenue? Turnaround profits? Scale up operations?
Let’s discuss what’s holding you back.


  • $43M in Revenue in Year 1 Spearheading Operations for Startup
  • $614M in New Revenue & Streamlined Costs $67M to Optimize Profits
  • $550M Exit after Turnaround of Firm Acquired in Bankruptcy for $18M
  • $800M in Revenue Implementation
  • $46M in Add-on Revenue Generation
  • $817M in Capital Budget Management
  • $69M in Operational Budget Management
  • 2,000 Employees Managed
  • 100,000 Customers Served
  • 11 Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Transactions Managed


  • Securing Early-Stage Funding. Investment Pitch Deck.
  • Market Launch Roadmap. Market & Competitive Analysis.
  • Next Stage Revenue Growth. Profitability Optimization.
  • Scale-up Operations. Systems for Growth.
  • Rapid Turnarounds. Operations Transformation.
  • Exit Strategy Planning. Due Diligence.
Let’s Discuss What’s Holding You Back