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Vision, Planning & Execution

“I have worked with Ines at Contel ASC as well as SkyTerra and I find that Ines has a firm grasp of the strategic vision and is able to translate the vision into a detailed implementable plan focused on execution and delivering on the bottom line.”

John Mattingly, Satellite Communications Industry Consultant

“…a business executive who sees the big picture but manages the details to ensure the attainment of company objectives.”

Douglas Wiley, Human Resources Executive at Xspedius Communications

“Ines is a strategic thinker and a focused tactical implementer who completes what she starts.”

Mary Ann Elliott, CEO at Eagle Group LLCM
“Ines simplified our messaging and gave us invaluable guidance for raising capital. Her contributions were so valuable that we brought her on our advisory board where she refined our strategy and action plans, held us accountable, and coached us to overcome many challenges.”
Linda Broenniman, President/CEO and Co-founder at RadiateBuzz

Turnaround & Transformation

“Whatever intense challenge she is faced with, she manages to move the obstacles in her path and get the job done.”

Allison Arbogast, Vice President of Customer Experience Management at Global Capacity

“Ines is one of the best operations folks I’ve ever worked with…She has excellent business sense…She was a key member of the Xspedius team, and built a great business which sold for an incredible multiple.”

Randall Lay, Chief Financial Officer at Lazydays

Business & Profit Improvement

“Ines is a master at process and procedure improvements, customer satisfaction and organizational development driving complexity out of the business with an eye to the bottom line.”
John Mattingly, Satellite Communications Industry Consultant
“Ines’s ability to articulate business strategy and motivate her staff to work towards shared goals was absolutely key to the growth and success of the organization.”
Howard Svigals, President (Acting) at GTE Spacenet

“…Ines did a superb job of managing network operations…We were in a constant growth mode with much expansion in the U.S. and abroad, and she kept the network humming along without a hitch…”

Barry Toser, Telecom & Technology Executive

Leadership Prowess

“Ines is an amazing and dynamic leader. Her ability to provide focus and direction to large cross-functional teams…has been proven time and again.”

Julian Kiss, Vice President of Network Implementation, Brooks Fiber Properties

“With superb business, technical, communication and leadership skills, Ines sets a high bar for herself, evoking the best from those around her.”

Howard Svigals, President (Acting) at GTE Spacenet