The data regarding the American work force is stunning. Did you know that 65% of all employees today are looking for the next opportunity? It’ not surprising that 70%-75% of American workers are dissatisfied with their jobs.

Gallup embarked on an analysis of the future of the workforce and found that “the company’s productivity depends, to a high degree, on the quality of the managers”. Gallup called this “the single most profound, distinct and clarifying finding in its 80-year history”.

Employees want to feel that they are part of a community and perform best when they are valued, engaged, empowered and accountable. Employees need to know your strategy, yet 60% of all working Americans do not know the company strategy.

If employees feel that they are part of a community and are engaged, companies realize a 21% increase in revenue, a 22% increase in productivity, and a 23% increase in customer satisfaction. Employee Engagement matters to the success of the company. Visibility and transparency are critical to feeling engaged. Do they know the financial goals for the week, the month, the quarter? What is their contribution?

What is the root of job dissatisfaction? The answer in one word is management. Managers are promoted into management positions without people skills and communication skills. They have a lack of understanding of how to motivate, coach and inspire. No wonder that 65% of all employees are disengaged.

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