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Blueprint on How to Open Doors to Start-Up and Next-Stage Growth Funding

3:40…three minutes and forty seconds…220 ticks of the clock. That’s how long potential investors take before deciding whether to even entertain a deeper discussion about funding a startup or next-stage growth business. Most entrepreneurs don’t get the funding they desire, with angel investor rejection rates around 90%. There are plenty of examples of failed startups and next-stage growth companies out there, many of which were even dialed in correctly on a few of the items Dave McClure pointed out. But [...]

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How to Execute a Business Turnaround in 2019

Turning around businesses and dramatically improving performance is something I’ve done repeatedly over the years. A lot of friends and colleagues have come to recognize me as an expert in this area, so I’m often asked whether a quick business turnaround is possible, if turnarounds are easy, and whether a turnaround solution is even affordable for a small or medium-sized business. Turnarounds are possible Turning around the performance of a business quickly is something that can be achieved, even in [...]

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