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Ines LeBow is the CEO, Transformation Executive for ETS. She is a known catalyst for business operations, bringing 30+ years of hands-on experience. Ines has a long history of being recruited into senior executive roles to improve the execution of business operations and to drive revenue growth. You can see her LinkedIn Profile at, view the ETS website at, or email her directly at

The #1 Reason Why Workers Are Quitting Their Jobs

No, it’s not remote work, although that’s an important perk in today’s digital market. The #1 reason that workers quit their job is because of a bad manager. Likewise, the most important thing a company can do to ensure that they retain their best talent is to make good decisions in hiring or promoting candidates into management roles. According to the 2021 People Management Report by The Predictive Index, 63% of employees who rated their manager as “bad” are considering [...]

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Do You Think Your Employees Are Engaged? Covid, Remote Work & Employee Satisfaction

Nearly half of Americans are dissatisfied with their career, with 33% feeling they are at a “dead end” and other 21% ready to change careers, according to a recent Harris Interactive nationwide survey. When you consider that 70% of employees feel that their sense of purpose in life is defined by their work, according to a Deloitte study, that equates to more than one-third of the total workforce not being even remotely fulfilled by what is the number one priority [...]

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Is Your Investor Pitch Story Epic?

If you feel you’re ready to pitch investors to get funded, contact me about presenting at our next CONNECTpreneur meeting on August 26, 2021. “Thanks, but no thanks.” If this is the response you get from potential investors, chances are that you have a value proposition that doesn’t resonate. Dianna Booher, an author, keynote speaker and expert in corporate communications sums it all up with her statement, “If you can’t write your message in a sentence, you can’t say it [...]

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Bait Your Hook; Catch a Winner from the Shark Tank

Three…that’s how many categories into which investors segment business ideas and the pitches by entrepreneurs. The first is that of “Market Maker”: think Bill Gates and Microsoft with the vision of putting “a computer on every desk and in every home” at a time when people didn’t have home computers. The second category is “Market Disruptor”: think Uber versus taxi cabs or Airbnb versus hotels and motels. Pitching a business in those categories is rare, as more than 85% of [...]

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Words Have Power: Concise Pitch Decks Pack More Punch

Every. Word. Counts. So does every second during your funding pitch to potential investors. On average, you’ve got less than three minutes to make your case before your audience gives a mental thumbs-up or thumbs-down on your business idea. Do the Math If you’re looking to raise $1 million in seed funding, a pitch deck with 10 slides averaging 55 words per slide puts the value of each word at $1,818. For $10 million in Series A funding, each word [...]

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Be Unique, Get Funded

Attracting investors to get your business funded is all about being unique, even if the product you’re presenting isn’t a new invention or innovation. Earlier this year, I highlighted 7 Factors for Startup Success based on the philosophies of Shark Tank star Mark Cuban. He believes that you need to find a way to make at least one aspect of your product or service uniquely your own. You can do so by thinking about the special characteristics your product will have, to whom you [...]

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Get Your Business Funded in 2021: A Look at Super Angels

The year (2020) that will be forever defined as the year of the Covid pandemic brought about significant upheaval and change in many areas of private and professional life across the globe. It also sparked tremendous shifts in the start-up investment world. One class of investors emerging is what we call “Super Angels”. What Are Super Angels? Super Angels in the business investment world are best described as a hybrid between traditional angel investors and venture capitalists. They tend to [...]

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Mark Cuban’s Beatitudes: 7 Factors for Startup Success

Shark Tank star Mark Cuban has been a startup investor and serial entrepreneur since his teenage years selling garbage bags, creating chain letters, offering dance lessons, and even running newspapers from Cleveland to Pittsburgh during a strike of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Mr. Cuban is ranked #177 on the Forbes 400 list for 2020 with an estimated $4.3B in net worth. Anyone who has listened to Mark knows that he has a lot to say and has very strong opinions on [...]

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2021: The Year to Get Funded

RIP Tony Hsieh. This article is dedicated to you and the inspiration you provided to me and so many entrepreneurs, helping us to put our passion and focus into the vision and values that led us to our start-up dreams. The investors and the funding are out there! $69.1 billion! That’s how much has been raised by entrepreneurs in venture capital funding in the US so far in 2020 according to VC, PE and M&A news outlet PitchBook. This figure [...]

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How Far Will You Go to Get Funded?

Entrepreneurs are going to extremes to make themselves memorable to investors. Earlier this spring, at the beginning of the pandemic in the US, I published articles on creating and delivering a digital investor pitch (“Now’s the Time to Get Your Business Funded: Coronavirus Edition”) and on featuring the sustainability of your business in any market (“Pandemic-Proof Your Funding Pitch Deck”). Some of my contacts have shared how great the advice in those articles was, but were struggling to get the [...]

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