Blueprint on How to Open Doors to Start-Up and Next-Stage Growth Funding

3:40…three minutes and forty seconds…220 ticks of the clock. That’s how long potential investors take before deciding whether to even entertain a deeper discussion about funding a startup or next-stage growth business. Most entrepreneurs don’t get the funding they desire, with angel investor rejection rates around 90%. There are plenty of examples of failed startups and next-stage growth companies out there, many of which were even dialed in correctly on a few of the items Dave McClure pointed out. But [...]

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Dilbert on how NOT to do Employee Engagement

The Key to a Company’s Success: Most Companies Get This Wrong…Does Yours? “Organization doesn’t really accomplish anything. Plans don’t accomplish anything either. Theories of management don’t matter much. Endeavors succeed or fail because of the people involved.” -- General Colin Powell -- Former Secretary of State & Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Powell said it so well. You can have the best product on the market, dedicated customers, well-oiled processes in place and grand plans for future [...]

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Communications Can Fuel Business Success

Many factors contribute to being successful in business. Having a sound strategy, having a marketable product or service, and having efficient processes are all important. And in our first part in this series on the 5 Pillars to Business Success, we demonstrated how Its People Who Drive Business Success, because it falls to the people within the organization to actually execute on the strategies, plans, and processes to make a business successful. ...

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