Preparing for Funding Digitally During COVID-19

In times of uncertainty, most people crawl back into a protective shell, trying to hunker down until the perceived threat passes by. Despite the growing public health crisis caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, savvy investors are still looking for great investment opportunities.

When investors consider where (and with whom) to invest their money, they are not looking for “most people”. They want the best, the brightest, and the boldest. What better time to let your light shine than now? Depending on your product idea or service offering, this may be the best time ever to get your business funded.

In my most recent articles, I outlined a Blueprint on How to Open Doors to Start-Up and Next-Stage Growth Funding and a companion piece on Telling an Epic Fundraising Story, Starting with the Value Proposition. The basic principles to getting funded haven’t changed. The biggest difference right now is the mechanism by which you interact with potential funding sources.

The Digital Pitch

Creating and delivering a funding story and pitch deck digitally can be very different than presenting in-person. Some key do’s and don’ts as you prepare to deliver your presentation:

  • DON’T – Use a mobile or wireless connection to conduct your pitch meeting, try to use a wired Ethernet connection to ensure the best possible video and screen share call quality.
  • DO – Consider the setup of your video camera, including lighting, sound, and background, to limit distractions and ensure a professional setting.
  • DON’T – Angle the video camera from below, rather ensure it is setup at eye level or above to avoid having your eyes appear closed or heavy-lidded during the presentation.
  • DO – Practice delivering your pitch directly to the camera, not the monitor.
  • DON’T – Think that a digital presentation affords you a longer period of time with potential investors.
  • DO – Tie in why investing in your product or service now is a sound strategy.

Now is the time, because if not now, when? As the Nobel Prize-winning novelist Doris Lessing said, “Whatever you’re meant to do, do it now. The conditions are always impossible.”

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